Production Quality Fluid-Simulations

Part 2.

Partitioning In Krakatoa

Expanding to the previous tutorial, best way to create production quality fluids in Krakatoa is partitioning. In partitioning, several different versions of the same simulation are created, and in every different version, the particles are moved in 3D-space by a random seed. After this, the particles can be loaded with a PRT Loader to generate a high-detail version of the simulation.

Open the “Render Setup” -window. Locate the “Renderer”-tab, and from there click the “Open Krakatoa GUI” -button. Krakatoa Primary Floater opens.


Locate the menu where it says “Render Scene Particle”s, and click it. From the dropdown menu choose “Save Particles To File Sequence”. Then right-click the Render -button, and from there choose “Active Segment [x-xxx] Nth: 1”, if you want to partition the whole animation range, for example if you are rendering smoke, and choose “Single Frame [x]” if you are rendering static volumes like clouds or stardust.

Scroll down the Primary Floater until you see the “Partitioning” -tab. Click it to expand it. There is a “Partition Count” -element, and from there you choose how many times the simulation is multiplied. If you have a simulation of 10 million particles, and you want the resulting simulation to have 500 million particles, choose the Partition Count to be 50. From the “Increment Random Seeds Of” -window, be sure to select all PFlow -related tabs by clicking them.

After these settings are done, click the “Generate All Partitions Locally” -button to begin the partitioning process.