I have been a fan of steampunk genre for a while now, and I wanted to create something related to it. I checked out concept art of various artists to get the idea what I would be looking after. Steampunk in general displays usually alternative history, or a future what sprang forth from this alternative history. Usually steampunk art depicts characters or machines having technology far superior than what their outward appearances be, because usually the technology resembles something from the era of steam engines in our history, and lot of inspiration comes from there. Gears, gaskets, brass and copper, etc. Still the technology exhibits properties beyond their technical capabilities and usually beyond our current understanding of physics. So for this I looked at the concept art imagery to see how these known elements of steampunk were realized, and sought after to create something like them.


Credits to the artists are as follows:

Left – Steampunk Samurai by Zeo X

Center – Steam Wilhelm the Great I by Sung-Hun (Ryan) Lim

Right – Medieval Steampunk Kngiht 2 by obyekt

Copyrights remain with their respective authors


I started out with creating a rough shape for the mech. Consisting of simple quite linear hard surface primitives.

Base mesh

After that I went on to create lot of different gears and gaskets and things like that to be used for decorating the mesh primitive. I wanted to gof or a modular design, so that I could easily switch out design layouts and different details. Here I paid a lot of attention to the concept art to get the look and feel right for the different gears and gaskets. The assets are also basically different combinations of primitives.

Example of modular assets