• The Chronology of Decay

Document about urban exploration




What is urban exploration?

Urban exploration is thea act of entering (sometimes inflitrating) abandoned buildings. The act of it usually involves photography for various purposes. Whether it be documentative photography, accurate description of the now decayed places, which are usually presented with a history of the building and the reason for it's subsequent downfall, or a more interpretative form, where the imagery is given a more fantastical approach to bring forth the feelings and atmospheres of forgotten places.



The Aim

Style of the documentary

The document intends to blend both of these styles, describing the abandoned spaces with footage shot on location and advanced camera-mapping techniques to balance the authenticity with a more fantastical views. The documentary is narrated with subtitles, and with a custom-made soundtrack to set the correct ambience.




How the documentary was done

The documentary was realized over the course of a few years. Footage and photography were taken from various places around the globe, and from that material the body of the documentary began to take shape. The camera-mapping was utilized to some of the photos to give the storytelling a depth and a bit more unique viewpoint of showcasing the abandoned places.




What was done in post-production

Post-production involved the writing of the script as it wasn't done before hand, it was possible only after enough material had been accumulated. Also the camera-mapping procedure took place in this phase, as the composing and recording of the soundtrack.



The workflow of how the documentary was achieved


During the years, I photographed various abandoned buildings.


The images and videos were arranged into a film in Adobe Premiere and After Effects.


Some imagery was converted into a 2.5D camera-mapping sequences in 3DS Max.